November 2014 / Give Thanks


November brings Thanksgiving.  And Thanksgiving brings a time to reflect on the things in our lives we are thankful for.

This November, all of us at R&R want to GIVE THANKS…

We are THANKFUL for YOU — our oldest, newest and most loyal customers!  Without you, we would not be here.

We are THANKFUL for our family of dedicated and hard-working employees!

We are THANKFUL for 20 years of business and 20 years of success!

We are THANKFUL that we have gained much strength through a very difficult loss this year.  Rest in Peace Caroline.  We are incredibly THANKFUL that you paved the way for our continued success with R&R.  We just wish you were here to share it.

Please read more from others in the comments and feel free to add your own!

We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy your family, friends, good food and football (GO Broncos!)

P.S. We will be closed Thanksgiving and the Friday after. :)


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